Tourist poses with soldier for photo – but is shocked when she sees what was caught on camera

It’s truly amazing when someone who’s usually very strict and stern gets up to mischievous shenanigans. The unexpectedness of it makes the whole thing extra hilarious – I love it when something comes out of left field and hits me right in the funny bone.

The Queens Guard are a stern bunch, known for goose-stepping, red uniforms and big furry hats. They are all trained soldiers with strict discipline, and they seldom react even when tourists are walking around taking pictures of them.

However, the guard in the clip below doesn’t seem to have any problems with playing a prank on those who want their picture taken with him.

He stands guard and lets himself be photographed with the tourists – but the tourists are shocked when they see what was caught on camera.

They are shocked to find the guard seemingly posing in just his underwear. Watch the video below to see the hilarious prank – I can’t help but laugh out loud!

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